Coffee is a girls best friend


SO – let’s establish that I am not a coffee connoisseur… but I do enjoy a good cup of coffee in the morning. About a year ago, I was introduced by a few friends (Sean and Robb) to the aeropress. I’v been drinking coffee for a while now, but let me tell you, the aeropress is a cut above. I’m pretty sure it can make the shittiest of coffee taste mediocre. It is also the easier, cleanest, and cheapest way to make a dang good cup of coffee. I don’t always drink fancy coffee (there is no way I could afford that habit). A few weeks ago I was doing my final errands before I left Chicago to head West. I was donating one of my bikes to West Town Bikes in Humbolt Park, and nearby was Dark Matter Coffee – I had to stop in to pick up some of their barrel aged beans. I think these beans might be magic, because they are so robust, and yet so sweet (no sugar added of course). It’s an Ethiopian bean, married with a 30 year old Heaven Hill bourbon barrel. The barrel first housed Heaven Hill bourbon, then went on to host Pipeworks Imperial Jones Dog (for a whopping 10 months) – then… (yes…then) – it played host to Pipeworks Elijah’s Revival Wheat Wine Ale. The barrel’s final resting place was with the Ethiopian Reko beans. Placing coffee beans in a barrel with a history like this means they are going to come out with character and depth. The bourbon leaving behind oak and touch of peaty essence – the Imperial Jones Dog  lending notes of vanilla and dark fruits – and the Elijah’s Revival leaving notes of orange and spice. The fruity nature of the bean (pineapple and cocoa) and the flavor rich barrel gave birth to a barrel aged bean like none other. Next time you find yourself in Chicago, make sure to stop in to Dark Matter and pick up some beans, no matter the variety – you will not be disappointed (and then stop by Pipeworks and pick up a beer – coffee an beer go very well together).

wait…this is a blog about a girl’s novice entry into the world of tech – why is she written about coffee beans?

My experience of jumping ship from my previous life and entering this foreign one is not just about the challenges of learning a new trade, or learning how to be in school again – it’s about how the day-in-day-out small things that bring me joy, and the brick walls that show up when I least expect them. I have a lot of early mornings and late nights ahead of me… coffee will definitely be a part of that. The better the bean, the better the experience (in my opinion at least).


p.s. thank you Angela Venarchik for the beautiful mug